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Shopping in Pushkar

Pushkar is a land of immense beauty, enigma and colors that is visited by thousands of tourists every year for various reasons. Some people come to the city to visit the enchanting Pushkar Lake where as some people especially come to take part in the famous Pushkar Fair that happens annually. Apart from that, Pushkar has always been popular amongst pilgrims because of the numerous temples in the city. It is also home to the only Brahma Temple in the entire world.

In the recent years, Pushkar has emerged has an important tourist city in the state of Rajasthan and a vital area for visitors who want to pick up souvenirs and small knick knacks while their stay in the city. There are some famous shopping areas in Pushkar, which are visited by many tourists to purchase Rajasthan specialties such as textiles, ethnic jewellery, clothes with elaborate embroidery, miniature paintings, brass utensils, beautifully crafted puppets and poetry. Pushkar is also famous for beads, brass utensils, costume jewellery and lovely multicolored bangles.

Shopping in Pushkar

From local markets to different fairs, Pushkar has everything to suit everyone’s tastes and preferences. Some major shopping areas in Pushkar include Sardar Bazaar, Sarafa Bazaar, Baza Bazaar and Kedalganj Bazaar. The annual Pushkar Fair is yet another market where you can purchase items that represents Rajasthan’s rich culture.

Pushkar Fair

The famous Pushkar Fair is one of the best areas to shop in the entire state of Rajasthan, however, since it takes place only once a year, it is crowded with thousands of people from different parts of country. The shops over here are lined in such a way that the entire fair looks like mini market, which makes shopping in this city, a completely different experience. Items such as Small Souvenirs, embroidered clothes, shoes, shiny glass bangles, silver ornaments, leather products, camel covers, beads and so on are some of the major attractions of this fair.

Sadar Bazaar in Pushkar

Sadar Bazaar is the main market of Pushkar city that is a one kilometer long street with small local shops lined on both sides of the street selling different products at very reasonable prices. This market lies in the northern part of the lake and is one the major tourist attractions in the city. It offers a wide range of products such as clothing, jewellery, leather shoes, embroidered clothes, Rajasthani costumes, decorative items, funky accessories and so on. One can even find some great music of different genres like Bhajjans, Bollywood, global trance etc. If you are an avid reader, Sadar Bazaar has a huge collection of some of the best books in the state of Rajasthan.

Handicraft Stores in Pushkar

Since Pushkar is renowned for handicraft items, it has many good stores that sell handicrafts at very reasonable rates. Shops such as Vikas Handicrafts, Rajasthan Handicrafts Corporation and Radhika Handicrafts all sell beautiful handmade paper, incense sticks, fragrance oils, Tie and Dye Fabrics, Precious Stones, Paintings etc. A visit to Pushkar is not complete without buying at least one handicraft item.

Apart from above, Pushkar is also very famous for different varieties of Roses. Pink, Blue, Red, White and Yellow all colors of Roses can be seen in Pushkar. While browsing through the various Pushkar markets, one can get a glimpse of the rich heritage of the city. Shopping in Pushkar is a delightful experience where one can buy several mementos and souvenirs that can make their trip to the city memorable.

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