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Pushkar Fair

Pushkar Fair or Pushkar Mela is one of the world’s biggest camel and livestock fair that takes place once in every year. It is a grand occasion in the state of Rajasthan, filled with incredible activities including various cultural and musical events, exhilarating camel safaris and a stay in small traditional camps, which make you experience the true local Rajasthani lifestyle. Pushkar Fair is an experience that stays with you for a lifetime and one that cannot be absolutely missed.

Pushkar fair continues for period of five days from Karthik Ekadashi to Karthik Poornima. According to the Hindu calendar, Pushkar Fair usually takes place between the months of October and November. The day of full moon is the main day of the fair, which is considered to be very auspicious. According to the legend, it is during this day when Lord Brahma sprung up from the Pushkar Lake. Therefore, it is believed that taking a dip in the holy Pushkar Lake is considered to be very sacred.

Pushkar Fair

Pushkar Fair is the only internationally recognized fair in the country and is therefore, visited by thousands of tourists every year. The fair is held at the banks of Pushkar Lake and is considered as a period of celebration and merry-making for the locals. This grand event of Pushkar Fair is a wonderful occasion for anyone who wants to experience the energetic culture and traditional lifestyle of Rajasthan. The festival starts off with the customary camel race where an array of camels is decorated with awe-inspiring clothes and ornaments. The sight of beautifully decorated camels with their owners is just a breathtaking sight and one that can never be forgotten. The camel that can accommodate the maximum number of people on its back, wins the competition.

Pushkar Fair

Besides camel race, trading activities are also very popular during the Pushkar Fair. More than 50,000 animals including camels, cattle, goats and sheep are traded during the fair. Once the trading is completed, the various animals are then washed and adorned with colorful clothes and ornaments for public display.

While the men are busy trading animals, the women are found purchasing various ethnic Rajasthani goods sold during the fair. The entire Pushkar Mela becomes a huge market place with numerous shops selling exquisite Rajasthani souvenirs. Embroidered garments, shoes, artifacts, miniature paintings, silver and beaded necklaces, textiles, patchwork clothes, cattle jewellary, tie and dye fabrics, brass utensils, beautiful handmade handicrafts are some of the major attractions during the fair.

Pushkar Fair

In the recent years, the skill of body tattooing has picked up as a trendy attraction during the Pushkar Fair. The natives set up small shops in the fair where they make special Rajasthani tattoos, which are extremely famous among tourists and visitors. In addition to camel race, there are many other types of competitions and events that take place during the fair, which include horse race, wrestling, tug-of-war, turban and longest mustache competitions, traditional rural sports and the Mandana competition where ladies create colorful wall paintings.

Pushkar Fair

Besides shopping and trading, Pushkar fair is also home to many local restaurants that offer delicious lip-smacking Rajasthani food with rich Indian spices. Most of the food over here is cooked with pure ghee, traditional spices, dry fruits and homemade yogurt. Since Pushkar is a religious destination, one can find only vegetarian dishes served here. Whether it is the scrumptious dal bhati or the sweet tasting churma, the mouth watering flavors with leave every visitor wanting more.

Pushkar is known for its numerous temples and the Pushkar Lake. The holy lake consists of 52 bathing Ghats, each of which are believed to have their own unique healing powers. Pushkar has more than 400 temples in the city, which are each decorated with beautiful lighting and colorful paintings, especially during the fair. Pushkar Fair serves as a great occasion to take in all the divinity and holiness of the city. Moreover, visiting the Fair leaves each visitor with an unparalleled and an unforgettable experience that remains with them forever.

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