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Lifestyle in Pushkar

Pushkar's carries a calm lifestyle as compared to the it's neighboring cities. Being a small town and a rural population, you won't find much of modern lifestyle facilities like spas, beauty parlours or salons. However, with an increase in foreign tourism in the town there is no lack of cosmopolitan and conventional culture in the city.

Lifestyle in Pushkar

Being one of the oldest cities in the country and also a popular tourist destination, Pushkar gets thousands of tourists every month. Every tourist, whether Indian or foreign, is treated with immense warmth and affection in Pushkar. Be it Holi, Diwali, Gur Purab or Eid, every festival in the city is celebrated with a lot of passion and zest. People in Pushkar are extremely religious, however, the lifestyle of the locals here is a strong blend of modern with traditional values.

Shopping in the city of Pushkar

Shopping is a major past time among the visitors. Not just the foreign tourists but the local ones also love to indulge in street shopping; some of the famous shopping markets such as Pushkar Bazaar, Kedalganj Bazaar and Sarafa Bazaar, are very popular among the locals. Folk music and dance also has a strong influence on the daily life of the locals.

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Gyms, Spas and Fitness Centers in Pushkar

There aren't any independent gyms and fitness centers in Pushkar, whatever you'd find will in the resorts or good hotels. Moreover, since Ajmer is only about 30 minutes drive from Pushkar, once can easily head towards the many state-of-art gymnasiums and fitness centers over there.

Lifestyle in Pushkar

Due to beautiful natural surroundings, beauty salons and spas are very popular in Pushkar with many beauty parlors in the city offering various services including hair styling and conditioning, professional and bridal Make up. There are many resorts in and around Pushkar which have great spa facilities. Ananta Resort and Spa in one such resort that offers many spa services such as Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Ayurvedic Massages and so on.

The lifestyle of the locals in Pushkar greatly depends upon the weather conditions of the city. Pushkar experiences extreme weather conditions with summers being too hot and winters too cold. Pushkar Fair is a major part of the lifestyle of the locals. During the fair, the entire city gathers together and enjoys the fair. Shopping, trading, cultural shows are just some of the activities that the localities love doing during the fair.

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