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Geography of Pushkar

Pushkar is one of the oldest cities in India situated in the Ajmer District of Rajasthan. It is located about 14 kilometers northwest of Ajmer at an elevation of 1670 feet. Lying at 26.5° North and 74.55° East, Pushkar is set in a form of a valley surrounded by mountains from three sides and sand dunes from the fourth side. This picturesque town forms a perfect location for annual religious fairs and festivals.

Geography of Pushkar

Demographics in Pushkar

According to 2011 Census, the population of Pushkar was 14,789 out of which males constituted for 54 percent of the population and females constituted for 46 percent. The literacy rate of Pushkar is 69 percent (Males – 77 percent and Females – 60%), which is higher than the national literacy rate at 59.5 percent. 14 percent of the Pushkar population is under the age of 6 years.

Topography in Pushkar

Pushkar is situated amidst the beautiful Aravalli Hills. The mountain range near the city called Nag Parbat, also known as Snake Mountain, serves as the divider between Ajmer and Pushkar. The city is set in a valley surrounded by two parallel mountain ranges of Aravalli Ranges at an elevation of 2133 – 2808 feet running from Southwest to Northeast. The soil in Pushkar is primarily sandy with little water retention capacity. That land use pattern that drains into the Pushkar Lake consists of 30 percent of the area under sand dunes, 30 percent under degraded and barren hills and 40 percent of the land in Pushkar is fit for agricultural use.

Climate of Pushkar

The weather of Pushkar is quite extreme with high variations between the seasons. Summers can be very hot during the day and cod during the night. The best time to visit Pushkar is during winters that is, October to March.

Summer in Pushkar
Summers in Pushkar are very hot and humid and can become as high as 45 degree Celsius. Summer usually starts from the month of March till the month of June and temperature ranges between 25 degree Celsius and 38 degree Celsius.

Monsoon in Pushkar
Monsoon season in Pushkar is between the months of July and September. Even though the city experiences low rainfall, even during the monsoon months, the humidity level can become very high as much as 90 percent.

Winter in Pushkar
The best time to visit Pushkar city is during the winter season. Winter usually starts from the month of October till the month of February. Pushkar is very pleasant during the months of winter and is best for travelling during this time. The maximum temperature during winters us 22 degree Celsius and the minimum temperature can be as low as 8 degree Celsius.

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