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Food in Pushkar

The city of Pushkar is well known for the variety in cuisines. The hotels and restaurants in the small town offer wide range of vegetarian dishes that are popular all over the world. The food joints cater well to the increasing demand for vegetarian foods. Apart from the traditional Indian dishes, you can also relish Chinese, German and Italian food here. You can come across plenty of atmospheric restaurants that take care of the hygiene standards and follow strict vegetarian rules and avoid eggs as well.

Food in Pushkar

Special Delicacies in Pushkar

Some of the “must-have foods” in Pushkar are:

Malpua: There is a popular saying that journey to the city is incomplete if you do not taste the malpuas there. These are made of sugar, cow milk, flour and butter. It is very popular among the locals and is offered to God as well. Try the finest ones in Halwai Street and from Royal Bakery.

Dal Bati Churma:
Dal refers to lentils, bati means baked balls made of wheat and choorna means sweet cereal powder; is served during the time of lunch or dinner.

Lassi: This is blending together saffron, cardamom, salt and sugar. The mixture is made in an earthen pot by churning with a wooden tool. Lassi is known to be rich in nutritive content and contains high amounts of vitamins and proteins.

Fast Food Centers in Pushkar

For foodies, Pushkar is a paradise. You can enjoy fast food and the street foods that serve hot jalebis, kachoris, snacks, malpuas, cold lassis, fresh puris that will certainly delight your taste buds. Maheshwari Food House at Choti Basti, Pushkar, Ajmer is a popular food joint where you can eat to your heart's content.

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