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Culture of Pushkar

The holy city of Pushkar is located in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan. It is known as one of the scared pilgrimage centers or dhams for the devout Hindus. It is believed Lord Brahma created the Pushkar Lake and the site is considered the king of all other pilgrimage sites in the country.

Culture of Pushkar

Pushkar Fair and Celebrations

Pushkar fair upholds the rich cultural heritage of the city. Pilgrimage and livestock fair constitutes the two aspects of the Pushkar Fair. The trade in camel and cattle are the major attractions for the locals as well as the tourists that happen in the beginning of the festival.

The local breeders and herdsmen buy and sell different breeds of cattle, horses and camels in the largest cattle fairs.The whole town of Pushkar comes to life with the bustling and vibrant activities of the fair. The town gets flooded with musicians, traders, tourists, journalists, photographers from far and wide.

Villagers in the hinterland wait all through the year to attend the world famous festival. Different friendly contests are held in course of the fair that benefits the locals as well as the tourists. The contests are held in ampi-theatres specially built on the outskirts of the towns.

Handicrafts in Pushkar

Ethnic costumes, clothes, groovy accessories, silver jewelry, traditional handicrafts and souvenirs such as embroidered fabrics, puppets, and brass utensils are some of the home ware items. There is different variety of clothes such as kaftans, culottes, kurtas, tunics, dhoti pants, sarongs, shrugs and dresses made of silk and polyester fabrics that you can get here. Make sure to look into the beaded necklaces, lac bangles, funky bracelets, oxidized silver, fancy footwear and other traditional items that depict the cultural heritage of Pushkar.

Food Culture in Pushkar

Traditional Food of Pushkar

Being a holy town, the food served in hotels and restaurants are purely vegetarian. The common ingredients used in food are ginger, garlic, turmeric, curd and pure ghee is also in many dishes.
The everyday menu includes vegetable dishes, puri, chapatti, rice, aloo barta, pakori kadhi, papad ki sabzi, daal baati churma. The city is well known for malpua, a kind of sweet dish.

Lifestyle in Pushkar

Pushkar, being a small town depicts simple living practices. While touring around the city, you can get an idea about the tremendous potential of the city. Pushkar generally has a traditional society, however; the lifestyle can be said a perfect mixture of modernity and traditionalism. There is no dearth of cosmopolitan and traditional culture in the city.
  • While roaming around you will come across suave and simple habitants
  • People living there are extremely hospitable
  • You can feel a strong blend of modern together with traditional values
  • People there are highly religious
  • Shopping constitutes a major pass time of the people there
  • There is a strong influence on dance and music in their daily life
Lifestyle in Pushkar largely depends on the weather conditions. The city experiences extreme summer conditions and in winters the temperature dips down to extreme level. People gather together and enjoy the Pushkar fair. They shop around, eat, and participate in games to make the most of the fair. Camel trading is highly popular in different parts of the city.

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