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Business and Economy of Pushkar

The temple town of Pushkar attracts tourist all round the year. Apart from being a famous pilgrimage center, the city is also a center for many businesses and small scale industries.

Small Scale Industries in Pushkar

Rose Industry in Pushakar

Business and Economy of Pushkar

Pushkar is very well known for it's rose industry, majority of the flowers coming from the nearby villages. In the 70s, the rose growers were the only entrepreneurs who were into the Rose Flower business and the other related products such as rose petals, dry and wet rose petals, rose water, rose jam along with the rose flower.

They operated business all through India and conducted export trade with exporters from Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur and Ajmer. They also purchased sizable bighas of lands from Pushkar to grow rose flowers.

Pushkar: A Pilgrimage Center

Apart from the rose industry, large number of pilgrim small traders was engaged in worship of the related items such as utensils, rosaries, neck-leads that were used for worshiping. Traders also deal related items like clothes made of grass blades, cushion, asan, sugar for offering Prasad, coconut shells and so on.

Potters and Clay Smiths

Clay smiths and potters engage in small scale business by making earthen pots to drink tea, coffee, water. They also supplied to halwais and the restaurants.

Economy of Pushkar

Tourism Industry in Pushkar

With beginning of the 80’s a large chunk of the revenue were drawn from foreign tourists visiting the city. this increased business of the hotels, restaurants, resorts, guest houses, beauty parlors, ayurvedic message parlors, camel safari, horse riding, tourist guides, exchange agencies, jewelry shops, juice centers, tax business, courier services, taxi business and book shops.

International Textile Market and Show Rooms

The small town also has International Textile Market and Show rooms that has turned attention of plenty of billionaires. It has also generated employment for many labors like salesman, tailors, cooks, domestic helps and so on.

Pushkar is a very important center for handicrafts, ready made garments, embroidery, home furnishings and fine textiles. There are around 40 exporters involved in this business. Garments are exported to Singapur, Thailand, Canada, European countries and USA.

The garment industry’s size can be assessed by the number of tailors that go up to 8000. The industry offer facilities to export goods by postal parcels or air. You can get fresh clothes as well as seconds category garments made from recycled fabric. The recycled ones are generally lain, silk, cotton and so on.

Business Information

Major Foreign Exchange Counters: Thomas Cook
Major Exports: Handicrafts, Rose and Rose Product and Apparels
Most Important Business Market: Sadar Bazaar
Key Industries: Clothing (Textiles) and Tourism

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