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Brahma Temple Pushkar

Jagatpita Brahma Mandir in Pushkar city lies quite close to the Pushkar Lake. Dedicated to Lord Brahma, the temple is known to be around 2000 years old. It is built mainly on stone slabs and marble with a hasma motif bird and a distinct red pinnacle. The sanctum of the temple houses image of Lord Brahma along with his second consort Gayatri.

Brahma Temple Pushkar

Architecture of Brahma Temple in Pushkar

The temple is built on high plinth. There is a flight of staircase that leads to the entrance gateway arch that is decorated with pillared canopies. There is a pillared outdoor hall at the entrance. The temple is  decorate with blocks and stone slabs have been joined together with molten lead. The red spire is a symbol of the goose or swan. The distinct feature of the temple includes the Brahma mount. The height of its shikhar is around 210m. The main gate is decorated by the hamsa motif.  There is a silver turtle in the mandap facing the Garbhagriha. The marble flooring is being replaced from time to time.

The murti or central icon of Brahma is made of marble and deified in 718 AD in the garbhagriha by Adi Shankara. The icon shows Lord Brahma sitting in a cross legged position. The image in the centre is called Chaumurti. It is a life size image with four faces, four hands and each of them oriented in the cardinal direction.

The four hands hold pustaka, akshamala, the kurka and the kamandalu. Image of Gayatri is on the left of Brahma. Savatri sits to the right of Brahma together with deities of the Hindu pantheon. Images of Sarasvati's mount, image of peacock, decoration on the temple walls, life sized dwarapalas, gilded Garuda and Lord Vishnu can be seen in the temple.

Puja Timings in Brahma Temple in Pushkar

Pilgrims from different corners of the world visit the temple. Sages, men after taking sacred ceremonial bath in the lake also offer prayers in the temple.

The Temples stays open at:
6:30 am and 8:30 pm (in winter)
6:00 am to 9:00 pm (in summer)
Interval: 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm

s held in the temple:
Sandhya Arti about 40 minutes after sunset
Mangala Arti 2 hours before sunrise
Ratri Shayan Arti 5 hours past sunset

The priests adhere to the strict religious practices in the temple. Married men are not allowed to enter the temple to offer prayers. Only the Sanyasis are allowed to perform puja. The outer hall of the temple is used for giving out all offerings.

Once on the eve of Kartik Purnima a religious festival was celebrated in the honor of Lord Brahma. Pilgrims from different parts of the country took bath in the holy lake, next to the temple. Different rites were performed in course of the fair. This day marks the world famous Pushkar Camel Fair. On Amavasyas and Poornimas, special rites are performed.

Location of the Temple:
Brahma Temple Road
Pushkar, Rajasthan 305022
Phone: 0145 277 2040

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