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About Pushkar

Situated along the banks of Pushkar Lake it is one of the oldest and the holiest cities thronged by thousands of tourists and devotees every year. The city boasts of more than 4000 temples, palaces, ghats that reveal an entirely different picture of the temple town.

About Pushkar

History of Pushkar

Pushkar is the one of the oldest cities of India. The lakeside sleepy settlements of the city carry huge historical significance. Based on the Hindu mythology, the petals of Lotus fell from the hands of Lord Brahma on three places and from here water immediately sprouted out. This led to creation of the lakes: Kanishta Pushkar, Madya Pushkar Lake and the Pushkar Lake.

Geography of Pushkar

Pushkar is situated at 26.50N 74.550E. The average elevation is about 510 meters. Located at the middle of the Thar Desert, the picturesque valley lies at a distance of 14 km from Ajmer in the state of Rajasthan.

Climate in Pushkar

Pushkar experiences extreme climatic conditions with high climatic variations between the seasons. The summers are characterized by scorching heat all day through while in the night the temperature drops significantly. The weather stays pleasant during winters with temperature ranging around 10 degree centigrade. Pushkar does not experience much rain. The best time to visit the town is from September to March.

Demographics of

According to the census of 2001, the town has a total population of 14,789. The male constitutes 54% of the population, while the females around 46%. The average literacy rate is 69%, which is much higher than the national average literacy rate of the males around 59.5% and female literacy rate of about 77%. About 14% of the population is below the age of 6 years.

Pushkar overview

Culture of Pushkar

People in the city are extremely warm and friendly. The vibrancy of the city is reflected in the social lives of the people. Culture of the city is best experienced during the Pushkar Fair. The small town glitters and come to life during this time. People dress up in colorful clothing that adds a different dimension to the fair. Men dress in large turbans, kurta, and dhoti. Women are found wearing choli, ghagra. Their religion constitutes an important part of the culture here. Hinduism is the main religion practiced here. They follow all rituals, traditions and customs.

People from different parts of the state throng the city to buy and enjoy during the festive times. The days remain filled with activities and fun. You can enjoy music and dance shows during the evenings.

Tourism in Pushkar

Pushkar serves as a popular tourist attraction. Thousands of tourist visit here to be part of the Pushkar Fair especially during full and new moon days. They also visit Dargah of Khwaja Moin-Uddin-Chishti is a very famous Muslim Shrine that is located near Ajmer.

Pushkar has plenty of temples that include include Savitri temple, Mahadev temple, Varah temple, Ramavaikunth temple to name a few. Some of them are extremely old and many of them have been destroyed by the Mughal rulers and were subsequently rebuilt. The city has many ghats as well that run down to the holy lake of Pushkar.

Shopping in Pushkar

Tourists visiting from different parts of the world find it difficult to resist when it comes to shopping for the souvenirs for their family and friends. Some of the goods specific to the city are embroidered fabrics, glass lamps, costume jewelry, shoulder bags, and traditional music and Rajasthani puppets. Tye and Die clothes or the Rajasthani Badhni works are famous all over the world for the rich and colorful patterns. Rings, Nathini and the anklets are also quite popular in the shops. You can shop for these items in the Kedalganj Bazaar, Sarafa Bazaar and the Baza Bazaar. Most of the stocks arrive from the south of Jaisalmer and other tribal zones of Rajasthan.

Facts and Figures

Latitude: 26.5000° N
Longitude: 74.5500° E
Population: 14,789
Languages: Hindi, Rajasthani, English
Pincode: 305022
District: Ajmer
Taluka: Ajmer
State: Rajasthan
Best Time to Visit: October to mid-March
Summer: 45 C - 25 C
Winter: 22 C - 8 C
Rainy Season: July to mid-September


Pushkar comes within the administration of Ajmer district. Described below is the administrative setup of Pushkar in detail.

Administration of Pushkar

MLA of Pushkar

Pushkar is a small town in the Ajmer District of Rajasthan and is a part of the Ajmer Lok Sabha Constituency and the Ajmer Nagar Nigam (Municipal Corporation of Ajmer). The administrative setup of Ajmer consists of five major sub-divisions, which are further divided into nine tehsils. Ajmer Lok Sabha Consituency is a part of the 25 constituencies in the state of Rajasthan. Currently, Ajmer Lok Sabha Constituencies consists of eight Vidhan Sabhas or Legislative Assemblies at Kishangarh, Ajmer North, Ajmer South, Pushkar, Dudu, Masuda, Kekri and Nasirabad.

The current Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) of Pushkar Assembly Consiutency is Suresh Singh Rawat, belonging to the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP).

Courts in Ajmer District

Like any other district in the country, Ajmer District also consists of a District and Sessions court that handles all the cases belonging to a particular city in the district. Apart from that, Pushkar also consists of a Consumer Court that handles all the case related to consumer complaints and grievances. Most of the cases in the consumer court of Pushkar are handled as early as possible as a part of affective governance.

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